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How can Metaphysical Life Coaching Make Your Life Easier?

By Reverend Reg Tan

Like most of us who went through a lot of challenges, we look for answers and find the most benevolent solutions possible. When I was younger, I was a success enthusiast and constantly found myself consuming so many self-help books available to me. I also went to the extent of enrolling in several workshops that supposedly gave me the success that I wanted. Inasmuch as I appreciate my expanded awareness of the topic, I also found myself emotionally dissatisfied with the results I was getting for myself. I would receive mind-blowing success, but it wasn’t sustainable.

So, I asked myself as nicely as I could, “What the hell was wrong with me?” I met some practitioners of energy healing and card reading, who I’m very sure had the nicest intentions of helping me, but it wasn’t enough to get to the level of where I wanted to be. I knew the issue was with me and not with them. Although I was very grateful for the very important hints that they gave me, I needed to get to the point where I had to realise that a radical change in my habits should take place. So I did. But I have to say, it also wasn’t easy. I still found myself in a period of vacillation. Oh boy this is hard!

And even if I was a practitioner of energy healing and life coaching, I still needed to be in the space where I had that instinctive desire to change. And it’s not something that came natural to me. I also realised that I had to face inertia, it’s like you learn something, you apply it but you also realise, you have your plateau moments. This is when the guidance and presence of my own life coach became handy to me. She helped me with my laser-like focus. I was making progress faster than when I was creating change by myself. And I am very sure that any life coach can help, but what made my own metaphysical coaching practice improve was realising, it wasn’t just the material resources that I had to work on, to make my life emotionally satisfying. I learned how to be more creative and resourceful with her help.

We normally measure our success rate because of the accumulation of material wealth. But little do we realise that it’s just one aspect of our fulfilment. It was very emotionally satisfying working with her because I saw someone who embodied a very rich consciousness, creative, self-contained and very discerning. When I read her books, it was another awakening experience for me, especially when she said something pertaining to the law of attraction, “You think you know it, but you only know about it!” It sounds sarcastic but it’s a wonderful way to cut-out the bullsh** of why so many of us seek transformation but can only do so much.

A life coach can help us to stay accountable while remaining kind to ourselves. At least this is my experience from my own sessions with her as a client. Why do I share freely about my own experience as a client? Because I am very aware that no one can achieve transformation without accepting the concept of continuous evolution of the mind, heart and soul. And this is what sets apart a metaphysical life coach from habits coach, because there is a belief that we are multidimensional beings. Sometimes, our approach to change is purely physical, without working on the subconscious conditioning that is causing us to perpetually make decisions and act a certain way. Most of the time, when we work with a
professional metaphysician, we are able to approach the situation from varying perspectives and thus able to diagnose the block more effectively, so the transformation process becomes more ignited from within and not just mere rationalising and talking ourselves out of our
so-called lazy moments.

My more than ten years of research, certifications and personal experience has empowered me to be on the level of coaching where I have a fine acceptance of both spiritual and material wealth, that helps me to live my life by design. I have designed a lifestyle for myself, where I am paid for doing what I love to do, while I care for my Royal Cat Family and growing a small business. If you feel called to work with me, send me an email via RevRegMetaphysicalReasercher@gmail.com


  • Rev Reg Tan

    Reverend Reg Tan is a devoted Mystical Researcher, a passionate Life coach and Meditation Teacher, who courageously left her family home, which is a rarity in her place, so she can live her life by design and get paid for doing what she loves to do. She is also a podcast and online event producer, Facebook Influencer, professional Content Writer creating content, on subjects she feels most passionate about. Currently she shares her home with her feline family, while passionately advocating for feral cat care, with the #AdoptDontShop mindset.

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