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This is where we begin learning. With articles on all facets of Spirit. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been here forever, I invite you to join us and share with your friends / family.

My story of traveling through the Universe

Do you believe in reincarnation?
I have been travelling through the Universal Plain, exploring planets, countries, and various times.

I invite you to join me with my ideals, memories and concepts of what it means to be a reincarnated soul.

July 2023

Each month We will bring you a new set of posts exploring various ideals, concepts and stories throughout the Spiritual Realm. Please contact us for your favourite topics to explore and we’ll start new conversations each along the way.

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Reader’s Thoughts

I have known Greg and Sandy for many years. They are a wealth of information and I never tire of discussing my favourite subjects with either of them.


When I began collecting minerals, Greg was so knowledgeable. He told me to collect what I was drawn to and not what other people told him he should. It’s always a pleasure to ask his advice.


Sandy taught me Meditation and Reiki. I just progressed from then to do more healing. It has been her knowledge that has enabled me to be able to teach Reiki as well.



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