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A Workshop in Tarot Reading with Sandy Cee

This Ebook available on Amazon Kindle is based on the workshops that Sandy created over 20 years ago to teach the Art of Tarot Reading.
Divided into three main sections, she has outlined the Minor Arcana, Major Arcana and the Court cards with each card illustrated in full colour. Allowing you to follow from the Minor Arcana, one section, and one suit at a time. You will be amazed at how easy it is to understand the story of the Tarot.
To see a sample and the Table of Contents, you will have to click on the link above. It is available for download at

Thymeline – The Three Pillars

Book One in the series tells about the birth of the land, the sea, and the sky. Indeed the birth of civilisation on the new earth.
It begins with Jem – who is God – arriving at the new sector of The Universe. Talking to himself and complaining of his gigantic headache.Two little people spring forth to annoy Jem. As they are not remembered, that have much fun.
Of course, that is only the beginning and as the story unfolds, there are introductions with The Angels, The Elders, and of course Oephelia who is Jem’s right hand person.
I invite you to cone along and meet everyone. There will be some surprises along the way, much happiness, love, adultery and mayhem. Some of it happening all at the same time. Much of it happening at the worst possible moments.
Then of course, the birth of a Goddess, the birth of her daughters and finally the destruction of Jem’s love and trust by a rogue angel.

Whispers Within

Biographical and part of my Spiritual Journey in life from when I was a toddler to current times. How I knew that my Great grandfather had passed away before anyone else. The fun times I had with my mysterious, yet invisible friends. Magical moments with Abracadabra…through my teenage years and fortelling of my cousin’s entry into the world. Miracles and mayhem.
Finally thorugh my adult years and how I came to become a Tarot and Psychic Reader, Healer, and Past Life Regression Facilitator.

Gems N Facets

Book one of a two part series. Begins with Brian and Jinny – a very ordinary young couple living on their own and trying to make the most of life, when one day they walk past a jewellery store and their life is forever changed.
When they meet Geoff and Sarae at their Lapidary store, events unfold like they never knew possible. From humble beginnings, come success, fun, failures, love, loss and children.
Unfortunately, no one lives forever though and life takes a turn for the worst. One after another life comes crashing down like waves in a violent storm. Who is left at the end to pick up the pieces of life and shattered dreams.

Single Breasted Woman

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer can come as a gigantic shock and hit you like a train travelling at 100 km an hour. For me, it  was a very delayed reaction, and took a few weeks to come out of my reverie.
My journey began from the beginning and, unfortunately for me, I have what seems like a photographic memory  of some of the days that have been and gone.
I am coming toward my fourth year now and looking forward to my fifth year of being cancer free. Lots of people have crossed my path and come into my life. Many have been inspiring in many ways. Some say I have inspired them.
This is my story. i hope you will come along and join me as I remember a time most would sooner not have lived.

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