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Christopher Mercon

“This author has created, in this collection, a world of wonder, delight, and magic. These stories span the full spectrum of love, emotion, passion, and excitement. From the first page, he takes you on a journey as wide and full as life itself!”—Jenny finds sanctuary from school bullies and child predators in a special place—a place of beautiful lawns, majestic trees, gorgeous flowers, and warm friends—except her special place is a graveyard!—A ten-year-old girl finds herself soaring across the skies, high above the Virginia countryside—in a way she could never tell anyone!—A bizarre alien who exists in a semi-solid form during the scorching hot days and rock hard rigidity during the sub-zero nights finds a special relationship with her mate, the planet’s offspring, as well as the most ferocious predator that world has ever known. —All he really wanted when he pulled his big rig off of the interstate at 4 a.m. in the middle of the deserted Wyoming plains, was to get some sleep. But life seems to have other plans for him! —A truck driver and five young girls struggle to survive a hurricane, trapped on a bridge to an island off the West Coast of Florida. But the bridge is breaking apart under them!—Carl and Ann Lancaster receive a strange offer regarding the unborn child they didn’t know they were going to have. But the strange events don’t stop there…—Matthew and Gabriella find the relationship they created in this pastoral paradise is so very transient. Or is it?—Ethan Crane’s solution to the inevitable emotional onslaught that followed in the wake of his wife’s death was—to walk… But he never imagined where his journey would take him!



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