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Blood Ribbon – Roger Bray


Blood Ribbon: When there’s more than secrets buried, where do you start digging?


This psychopath doesn’t care if you’re dead before you’re buried! Can a twisted killer be stopped or will they strike again?

Brooke Adams has had a troubled past but is now a confident young woman with a close-knit group of friends who have become her family. When a weekend getaway ends with a bloody, savage attack that leaves her near death on the beach, she is determined not to let the traumatic experience define her.

Recovering in hospital she is approached by retired cop turned PI Rod Morgan and Brooke is shocked to learn a striking similarity between her attack and a series of killings stretching back 35 years. Will Brooke piece together the unsolved beach murders and reclaim her future, or will a clever killer put more victims six feet under the dunes?

Blood Ribbon is a tightly-woven standalone thriller. If you like dark mysteries, chilling suspense, and survivors battling incredible odds, then you’ll love this gripping page-turner.

My Review:

I took the opportunity to read the book for a review. It turns out that it is a reasonable read. I’m not a big fan of going back and forth, although I do that as an author, so I cannot complain too much. – Brooke Adams, the main character is an orphan who’s been in and out of foster homes when she finally decides to go it alone, coming to a new city and taking up a course at a local community college.

She turns out to be quite a detective and along with some friends takes to the mysterious case of a woman killed on a beach and the only apparent clue is a bright red ribbon having been tied in the victim’s hair by the killer. (We don’t know this at the beginning though) Although the book begins on a beach and we learn of a woman murdered with a bright red ribbon in her hair, it takes the entire book to really find out who the real killer is.

There are quite a few suspects who seem linked to the case, but with so many women killed over the 35 years, it is hard to nail down the right man. One man is deathly ill, the other appears to have alibis for some of the murders. Then there is the woman Brooke wants to find out the most about. The one she is most troubled by. Turns out she is close to her… but who could she be?

Could Brooke herself be a victim? No, this cannot be. Or is it? Her best friend who travels along with her to all her interviews is lost one day. No one knows where she is. Then, finally, the news that Brooke didn’t want to hear.

It continues on in a twisted, however confusing way before the killer is finally named and Brooke realises just how close he really is to her.

A fight to the death is the only way out. Who will win? Who will live?

I recommend it and look forward to seeing more books from Roger Bray.
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  • Forex Review

    The tension that is within this book is fabulous, my spine started tingling at times and I kept looking over my shoulder as pages of this book flipped by. The attacker is brutal and really made my skin crawl. Brilliantly done Roger.

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