I love to write

Being a writer is fraught with many difficulties, both emotional and mentally. We can be challenged on a day to day basis. For those of us living the writing dream, well, we may feel blessed by being  a published, although mostly, it is erring along the curse boundaries.

For one thing, I must always carry a notepad and pen with me. I remember where In was a kid in primary school. Going on holidays meant that I had my special exercise book that was to journalise if not record the daily ins and outs of our journey from to end. Seeing as every holiday we ever took was fraught with its own obstacles and mini-disasters, there was much to write about. However disaster would strike me personally when I found myself bereft of a book in which to write down all the cool stuff that happened. If the mood struck me deeply enough I would throw a tantrum and not be able to be placated until I had another exercise book and or pen in my hand.

Sadly, I did not manage to keep these wonderful exercise books of my youth. Happily though, it appears that I have rather a great memory (selective though it may be) about many of these journeys and I am able to write down the pertinent facts, and fill in the details. I am putting these memories into various books of mine that are based on fact, and turning them into fiction. Oh what fun it is to ride in a great open slather of imagination!


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