Dear God, I want to live forever!

On our way up to Ettalong Markets this morning, I actually managed to stay awake to have something of a conversation with Greg. Not only that, we talked mostly about writing. My writing, his ideas and other people’s writing. Namely, books we had both read and enjoyed.

Then the topic turned around to me, personally “You’re like Beethoven with so many books half written and never finished” he said to me. “For someone who was once so good in business and had such good focus, now you’re flitting from one thing to another!” he continued.

My mind was reeling. All the ideas we discussed on the way up…how could he possibly know that I had that story line in one or two of my books. “Yes! Yes! That one two is in another of my books. Yes, that’s right and then it goes on….” I blabbed out aloud without thinking. The stories running rough-shod over my brain to the point of headache. It was bad enough I was having trouble hearing again (I really must investigate the idea of hearing aids soon!), but now he was accusing me of having all these stories started and not finished. “Well what am I supposed to do when I get another absolutely fantastical idea for a book?” I wailed. “You told me I should write my ideas down, so I do” I tried to justify

“Ahhhh” came the long drawn out voice of wisdom which was becoming all too familiar to me in recent years.”write the idea down, BUT” he looked across to me as he was driving “DON’T start the book!” he nodded and finished with “COMPRE?” If I had heard this word once, I had heard it a million times already. “ok” I whispered feeling dejected.

“It’s just that I have so many ideas and they come to me at odd times” I wasn’t trying to justify now, only to explain the way my writing came to me. “You know that I have to have a notebook and pen with me at all times, or I lose it. Sometimes, I resort to making another note on my phone.” he looked at me with twinkle eyes that said “I know honey, but you’re going to have to learn sooner or later”

“GyRRrrrrrr” I growled! I’m not a child anymore! I’m just crazy and mixed up and get all these ideas at the weirdest times and I have to get them all out of my system when they happen, or else I will go CRAzyyyyyyyyy!

Ilm like the kid in a lolly shop with all these delicious, delectable, tasty treats all around me and my head is reeling because I don’t know which one to devour first. Greg says I should try them out, but not ALL! He says to find one you like and eat that one – until it is FINISHED! But DON’T put all the treats in your mouth at once. “ok” I again whispered feeling dejected.

I was thinking if I made a pact with The Devil, much like Dorian Gray, could I live forever then? I might just get around to finishing all the books I start, much less follow on with all the ideas I have for books. Perhaps I could simply say a prayer for my wish. It would most likely start “Dear God, I want to live forever….”


Today is Book Day on Facebook

Yes, that’s right. I belong to and am administrator to the Facebook Group of Spirit Connections and today is book day once again. I have been writing all week on my WIP as well as here.

I have currently a few WIP (Works In Progress) and as i flitter and flutter from one to another I am reminded what it is to be a channel for Spirit. Much of my work is channeled through and i sit here at my humble little desk in my humble little office, often watching my fingers fly on the keyboard, or else watching the words appear on the screen while i seem to be a silent witness.

When I first began my arduous journey of “awakenings” I filled many books with my channelings. It is interesting to note, as i look at them every now and again and try to read them, that the writing differs all along the conversations. Sometimes the writing is all running without any breaks and is so small I almost need a magnifier to read it. Other writing is larger and louder, presumably to emphasise certain attitudes. All along, as i re-read these pages, i can hear the different voices in my head and know the name of each and every spirit who spoke.

Is it all channelled? Or did I hear voices in my head? Well, both questions are relevant and the answer to both is YES. Although I seem to be some tool, of recorder, like a court recorder who takes everything down on a fast dictaphone. i don’t have the luxury of a dictaphone, so I am writing or typing what ever it is that comes to me.

So all of this channelling is helping me with my various WIP. I am sometimes able to go from fantasy to history and back again. Then comes along another WIP which is more current and regarding my own personal journey from Beast Cancer. I am fortunate in that I have a long term memory. Like some people are long sighted and others are short. I am long remembered, not short. The longer I live, the more I remember.

Speaking of memories, I also have visited many of my past lives and am currently writing about these in one or two of my WIP. When will i finish these WIP? Who knows, though I continue to type away and write as though there is no tomorrow. I do know that I am planning on publishing Thymeline – book one this year, so I hope you will join me and read some of my posts regarding this book.

If you are currently writing a book, or can relate to anything I have mentioned above, please feel free to leave your comments below and share with the rest of us your little story.

Have a Blessed day everyone.

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