Much ado about writing

My head is crammed full of ideas, stories, poems and much more. Every day of my life since I was but a youngster crawling along the floor of our humble little home in Sydney’s Western’s Suburbs, have I been talking to myself and creating all of my stories in my head. Needless to say I had quite a good time having these conversations with no one in particular. Had I had a magical cord leading from my head to the non-existent computer I would have been grateful much later in my life. However I am very fortunate that I am able to remember most of my stories of all those years ago. (Now, am I giving my age away, or not??)
When I was a teenager my father filled my head with the idea of us winning the lottery and getting away from it all to another life-style. Back then the Opera House lottery was a large fortune and would have bought and sold our house some five times over, or more. But all he could think of was to get a new car and move to another house.

It was the other house that changed  my life forever and meant I had random conversations in my head most of every waking hour. I could not go anywhere without having a notebook, pen or pencil so I could scribble down notes, poems, or start yet another story. I remember one time we were in a rather posh restaurant in the city for lunch and I was without my most important items. Well, my mother had a pen and there was a serviette on the table, so that became my canvass for the poems (and the past life memories they invoked) that I would later type up and join with other stories. Before I got home, that serviette had multiplied to two or three of them and all were crammed with my not so notable writing. That was very important to me at the time. Unfortunately, I do not have those remarkable serviettes, though i do have all of the poems and beginnings of stories neatly tucked away in folders that have been organised by my spirit friends in my head space.

To this day I continue these conversations. I don’t have a problem with hearing voices in my head. They have been there for so long, they are a part of me. They make mie smile and laugh. They make me cry. Now I have the perfect excuse to come to my computer every day and write.


I love to write

Being a writer is fraught with many difficulties, both emotional and mentally. We can be challenged on a day to day basis. For those of us living the writing dream, well, we may feel blessed by being  a published, although mostly, it is erring along the curse boundaries.

For one thing, I must always carry a notepad and pen with me. I remember where In was a kid in primary school. Going on holidays meant that I had my special exercise book that was to journalise if not record the daily ins and outs of our journey from to end. Seeing as every holiday we ever took was fraught with its own obstacles and mini-disasters, there was much to write about. However disaster would strike me personally when I found myself bereft of a book in which to write down all the cool stuff that happened. If the mood struck me deeply enough I would throw a tantrum and not be able to be placated until I had another exercise book and or pen in my hand.

Sadly, I did not manage to keep these wonderful exercise books of my youth. Happily though, it appears that I have rather a great memory (selective though it may be) about many of these journeys and I am able to write down the pertinent facts, and fill in the details. I am putting these memories into various books of mine that are based on fact, and turning them into fiction. Oh what fun it is to ride in a great open slather of imagination!


I am Spirit Writer

As a writer, I have been doing this for so many years that I sometimes think I can communicate better with the written word than the spoken one!
But of course, no one uses a pen or quill these days. I like most other people, prefer to use the keyboard to type everything. Especially using a computer rather than the old fashioned manual typewriter I used to bash the keys with. My poor tired fingers would have to have a rest every now and again to gather some more steam.
Also back then there was this horrible stuff we called Tipex. It came in a black and white plastic bottle and would have to dry before we could overtype our typos and spelling errors, otherwise it would smudge and look terrible on the completed page.
Later came the Tipex paper which was a marvelous invention and enabled us to simply back space to the offending typo, retype the offending typo, and then go back once more to type the correct letter or word. This was so much better as there was no more drying time and the errors looked more professionally corrected.

By the mid 1980’s there care a new breed of typewriters called wordprocessors. Many of them had a one line memory, while some had a whole paragraph or even a page memory so it was easier to make changes, as well as correct typos and other errors. I had two of these electronic daisy wheel wiiz bang machines. One for the office at the shop and the other for my own private study at home. So of course, I wasted no time in typing up all of my poems I had written as a teenager along with some more recent poems. I also began, around this time, to write more short stories, and to commence writing some novels. I am still working on them today.

Finally, the age of computers came within our midst and it was in the late 1980’s that I began being able to use our then, somewhat primitive by today’s standard, though very sophisticated by those standards, Osbourne computer. I typed away and kept everything updated onto floppy diskettes. First came the 5.25″ floppies, then later when we upgraded to an IBM clone we had 3.5″ floppies (which were really mini hard drives, though colour co-ordinated) and finally I just kept everything on a hard drive and backed it up to what became known as memory sticks.

So here we are at the end of 2014 and I am looking forward to the following year of 2015. I am beginning to blog about some of my books here on this site for you to read. If you have any comments, I welcome them, critically or otherwise. You will not see the completed manuscripts here as I will save them for the book publishing. However you will see much of each book – enough to give you an idea of the gist of the story. I hope that it will fill you with a desire to purchase my book(s) to read in their entirety when completed.

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