All About Jem

Jem is my lovable and favourite characters who just loves to jump in and out of different times as far as languages are concerned. One minute he will be in the times of the Old Middle Ages, and the next he will be twinkling along in the current times. It is the word, as far as he is concerned. The word is everything. The word is what was at the beginning. It is the closing argument. It is the whole of everything that matters. it is what it is. Well, simply – I.

Jem is my leader, my hero, my friend, my confidante and so much more. He is as old as the oldest star in the oldest galaxy in the oldest universe. Or is it the other way around? I always am confused regarding galaxies and universes. As near as i can fathom, a galaxy is within a universe which is somehow within a cosmos. It is all very confusing. You’d think I would know all about this as I am in communication with my Spirit Guides and Angels on a daily basis, however they don’t tell me everything, saying that is not your path. So beit, i say.

Back to Jem. He has travelled the length, and breadth and depth of all of the Cosmos put together. He is as old as the oldest galaxy, universe, cosmos and what ever else is bigger than any of those. He is, simply, Jem. God of all, Creator of All. All is what he knows and he keeps a pretty tight reign on everything that happens within his energy reign. At the end of the day, he is the first one standing and the last one standing. He is the Apha and Omega of  his Quatrain, he sector of the Cosmos, Universe, and Galaxy and then some.

He has arrived at the letter N and as such, is busily thinking and planning the next “Earth”. This time around he is planning on calling it Narramine. Of course all the basics are done, he just needs to tweak a few strings here and there and then Voila! Earth shall be formed. He is so adept at it now that he creates what he needs and leaves them for a few trillion years or so until he is ready. Now it is Narramine’s time to come to fruition and through the Genesis Factor. All in good time though.

First he must get over his terrible headache to that which he has awakened. It is a loud, very loud and constant pounding in his head. It feels like there is a little man inside his head beating the huge drum over and over again. He remembers that there were drummers on the old land. They used to beat out words and he used to know their secret language. In between pounding, he tries to listen to find out what this pounding is telling him. In the end, he realises that it is just his headache. That nothing will cure it better than some of his favourite drink…..


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